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Accommodation, food and meeting

In all our operations we consider environmental values and try to minimize the impact of our services and tours by finding the most eco-friendly ways and solutions. Green Tourism of Finland GTF® ecolabel provides Finnish nature tourism in accordance with sustainable development by bringing together Finnish companies of tourist industry which respect the consideration of sustainable development.

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Nature experience and outdoor

Facilitate the participation in outdoor activities. Train people for using recent techniques and equipment and develop leadership skills while maintaining a high level of awareness of environmental issues. Offer top quality alternative tourism services including guiding, equipment, transportation and logistics. Travel in Finland.

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Wellness and culture

Our services fulfill the concept of sustainable development, they include; various natural treatments, versatile group exercises, relaxing and beauty treatments. Natural, non-poisonous materials and for instance Finnish peat are used in all treatments. Our well-being products are glorified by healthy and delicious organic foods produced locally.

About Green Tourism of Finland GTF®

eco-label is a network of Finnish companies of nature tourism, who are committed to the principles of the, sustainable development. Green Tourism of Finland GTF® -, eco-label network is a high quality, safe and environmentally, friendly option for an environmentally aware traveler. The nature tourism products are based on the Finnish right of public access to the wilderness and on the ample network of natural parks. The nature tourism products are inspired by the Finnish nature, art, culture and the countryside and produced in ecologically, socially and culturally, sustainable way. Environmentally friendly tourism.

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